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Government and parliament in Monaco for the eyes of the exhibition Egyptian golden treasures quot

Sahar Talaat Mustafa, Chairman of the Tourism Committee of the House of Representatives, showed up before the central command of the Egyptian Golden Treasures display in Monaco, 

which opened yesterday with the support of Prince Albert II.

The image mirrors the solid accord between the administration spoke to by Dr. Rania Al-Mushat, the Minister of Tourism and the individuals spoke to by his parliamentary powers. The designation, headed by Sahar Talaat Mustafa, the director of the House Tourism Committee, is the correct route for state establishments to look for zones of agreement to accomplish people in general premium which depends on improving the picture of Egypt abroad and driving its economy forward and its entrance into the positions of nations that draw in the travel industry and speculation. 

Dr. Rania Mashat, Minister of Tourism and MP Sahar Talaat 

Dr. Rania Mashat, Minister of Tourism and MP Sahar Talaat 

We can not deny the endeavors made by the Parliament in conquering the impediments confronting the travel industry and landmarks in Egypt, including the endorsement of the exit of worldwide shows to various pieces of the world, and furthermore doesn't deny the phenomenal coordination between the Ministries of Tourism and Antiquities in the present display in Monaco, To put the motto "Egypt where it begins" on every one of the distributions of the presentation, which is the trademark of the Ministry of Tourism to visit Egypt. 

It is imperative that the Principality of Monaco saw yesterday a worldwide the travel industry and social occasion through the foundation of a display of Egyptian ancient pieces and fortunes. The French and Italian media commended the occasion in a way that suits it and anticipated that everybody should accomplish every one of its targets and destinations. It reveals insight into the historical backdrop of old Egyptian human advancement that still amazes the world. 

The opening function was gone to by Prince Albert II, Prince of Monaco, Minister of Tourism Dr. Rania Mushat, Minister of Antiquities Dr. Khaled El Anany, Ambassador Ehab Badawy, Ambassador of Egypt to France, and an elevated level designation and Osamah Heikal, Chairman of the Culture, Information and Antiquities Committee of the House of Representatives. Promoting and improving the psychological picture of Egypt abroad. 

The display will be sorted out by the "Grimaldi Form" and will proceed until September ninth. The Ministry of Tourism will take an interest in the occasion at the occasion to advance the Egyptian goal for 65 days with the motto "Egypt is the start of the story.

The presentation incorporates 150 ancient rarities from the Egyptian Museum of Liberation. The most significant are the memorial service furniture of Yuya and Toya King Akhenaten's granddads, a cover of King Psusennes I, a half statue of King Ramses II, a statue of King Amenhothat III, various armlets and pieces of jewelry utilized for embellishment, .