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How to register for
the Green Card 2020

What is a green card

The Green Card and the Green Card in English or
as it is also called random immigration is an annual lottery to obtain
permanent residency in America and for free and on very easy terms represented
in obtaining a certificate on the baccalaureate certificate at least only, and
you do not need any language test or other conditions such as programs
Immigration to Canada or Australia, but the Green Card, also known as the green
card, depends on luck to qualify, due to the large number of participants and
the limited number that is held each year on the basis of lots in the United
States of America, with the authorization of the Congress, while the US State
Department is responsible for running the green every year.

Green Card is a program organized every year, and the American
government grants approximately 50,000 visas to individuals from eligible
countries. the country whose members are allowed to apply to the lot for the
same year to participate in order to work in America or study or live in the
United States of America within the random migration program to obtain the card
Standing green card. It should be noted that the green card lottery is held
once every year on the third of October to the third of November and other than
these dates, registration in the greenhouse can never be done, while the
results of the last green appear every year in the month of May.

What are the
conditions for registration in the Green Card?

Green Card has a set of conditions that must be fulfilled all of them
and are as follows:

The applicant must
be over 18 years old at the time of registration.

The applicant must
be related to the baccalaureate degree or as it is called in Egypt with the
secondary education certificate.

The most important
point is the image specifications, and we will discuss it later.

The applicant must
be from one of the eligible countries and the beautiful point here is that all
Arab countries are eligible.

Is registration to
the Green Card free?

Registration in the Green Card is 100% free through the official
website and only. As for the required fees, it is after winning and it consists
of medical examination fees and American visa fees. However, this does not
prevent you from having a sum of money to live in America later, because you
have to wait about a month before your SSN number is issued, which is the
Social Security Number and the latter you need in order to work in the United
States of America legally .

What are the image
specifications required for registration in the Green Card?

 I think, according to my experience, the conditions are very
easy, but the loophole and the secret to winning the Green Card is the
specifications of the image that must match the required standards in detail,
as shown on the official website of the US Department of Immigration.

Green Card Official

This is the only official website for registration and any other site
that claims the ability to register is a quorum and your application will not
be accepted.

Green Card Image
Specifications website

This link is for detailed image specifications.

If you get a
baccalaureate and want to know if your job is acceptable