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Immigration Law to Germany 2020

 Benefiting from the new immigration law According to the official German government website, the new law begins on March 1, 2020 Currently in Germany there are one million and 200 thousand vacancies for work and those who want to immigrate to Germany to work and the applicant of immigration benefits from the new immigration law that Germany will It receives 25,000 people annually from workers, to work in Germany and Germany will receive this number annually from workers, the skilled labor law as stipulated in the website of the German government for immigration to Germany 2020 and will benefit from this law (those who hold certificates - and work experience - those who have professional certificates) And Aala who can benefit from immigration law to Germany 2020.

Conditions for immigration to Germany 2020

Modifying the required certificates in the introduction, namely (higher degrees - work experience - and baccalaureate). Modifying these certificates, coordinating them, and translating them into German.

2-It is very necessary to learn the German language, as this is a prerequisite for immigration to Germany 2020, as the immigration law to Germany 2020 is also strict and lenient, so you must register at a language institute or language center to study and master the German language.

If you have these conditions mentioned above and they are only two conditions you can take advantage of the immigration law to Germany 2020 and you can apply for a work visa of 6 months and you can renew it, and there is another condition which is the financial condition which is proof of the German consulate in your country that you have the financial amount that you can complete 6 The most famous in Germany without the need for money, and this is through a bank account with balance or property and presented to the German consulate during the application and this amount will be in the range of 4.000 to 7.000 euros.

When you arrive on German soil, you can search for work within the 6 months available to you. But be careful, these things that could lead to your deportation to your country is a request for help from the state or an asylum application in Germany.

It is also possible from your country and before moving, if you meet the conditions of immigration to Germany 2020, to search for work through work sites in Germany and if you find work in these locations mentioned, employers can send a work contract to you and obtain this work.