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LucidPix application - To Take 3D images With your Phone

LucidPix app only a few years ago; high-resolution images with depth were only possible through DSLR digital cameras, but smartphones quickly evolved very quickly and included multi-lens cameras, in addition to modern built-in sensors to capture 3D images.

LucidPix app but now it has evolved beyond that to include applications as well, where a new application called LucidPix based on artificial intelligence appeared to take three-dimensional pictures using the camera of any smartphone, whether new or old, without the need of a multi-lens camera, or integrated modern sensors . It is worth noting that this application is known to be easy to use for all users around the world and this application does not require any special photography skills for novice users.

His new application LucidPix relies on artificial intelligence to identify objects in the scene and then create a depth map, so you can capture 3D images using your regular camera of your phone, and also allow you to convert the 2D images that you already captured into 3D images, as well as create videos for 3D images Dimensions to share.

LucidPix also includes sharing options built into the app community, or on social media platforms like Facebook that supports 3D image rendering.

LucidPix also includes an option to share on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok as video or GIF animation. It also includes 3D frames and stickers if you are looking for more customization of your photos.

The most important feature of the LucidPix application is its ability to run on most smartphones, from the latest flagship phones - whether iPhone or Android phones - and even It is noteworthy that these phones fell under one category only, which is the middle category, which was mentioned several years ago.

LucidPix application While many other applications have tried to bring 3D images to phones with a limited budget by requiring the user to move the phone to capture the data needed to add depth and effect to the images, but the LucidPix application depends on artificial intelligence to add depth to your photos without having to move your phone during capture , And does not require special glasses or a 3D screen to display your photos, as it deals with the 2D images already on your phone.

LucidPix application Lucid announced the application for the first time during its participation in the CES 2020 exhibition, and there is now a trial version of the application available for Android phone users on the Google Play Store, and for iPhone users on the App Store.

The final version of the app will arrive during the second quarter of this year, and there will be a free version of the app with a watermark included in your photos, plus a paid version for $ 6 per month or $ 52 per year to access more features.