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Do you want to study in Australia? If yes, here are some information and details

 about this country. For example: What you should know about Australia, 

and what are the best current universities in Australia and how these Australian

 universities compete with the best international universities. 

Learn about Australia and Australian universities by reading our guide,

 you may be motivated to complete your future university studies in Australia.

The cost of living in Australia

Choosing a course of study based on the appropriate university fees for

 your budget is not sufficient. As it is very necessary to know the cost 

of living in the country of study, and this includes: housing, food,

 and other expenses. Sometimes you may be surprised by the high 

or low living fees in that country, but in general the cost of living also

 depends on your own lifestyle.

Education in Australia

Australian universities are strongly present in the global rankings of quality

 in higher education. Not only in the quality of education, 

but also in the satisfaction of students and the acquisition of a great reputation.

Why study in Australia?

The cost of studying in Australia

Given the low tuition fees in Australia compared to the United States and Britain,

 foreign students flock significantly to study in this country.

 Below is a comprehensive summary of what to expect in terms of studying in Australia.

What is most concerned for students when looking to study abroad is

 the annual tuition fee, in the table below the tuition fees in Australia for

 different educational levels, it is necessary while looking at tuition fees

 in Australia to distinguish between tuition fees for Australian students

 and tuition fees for foreign students, as the The difference is very big, the fees

 for Australian students are much cheaper than the tuition fees for international students.

Preparatory year 15,000 - $ 37,000.

Diploma 4,000 - $ 22,000.

Bachelor's degree 15,000 - $ 33,000.

Masters 20,000 - $ 37,000.

Universities in Australia

Universities cover different fields of study. Australian universities are among 

the largest educational institutions in the world. The country's highest ranking

 university and one of the eight most prestigious universities in Australia

 is the Australian National University and located in the Australian capital, Canberra. Two universities are ranked in the best eight universities in Australia are the University

 of Sydney and the University of New South Wales, which are located in Sydney. The city of Melbourne also has some universities, including Monash University and University

 of Melbourne. In Perth, the University of Western Australia is also on the list. 

Australian universities are spread over all Australian cities, so you can 

choose the university on the basis of your most preferred city.

The best universities in Australia

1- Australian National University.

2- University of Melbourne.

3- University of Sydney.

4- University of New South Wales.

5- University of Queensland.

6- Monash University.

7- University of Western Australia.

8- University of Adelaide.

9- University of Technology, Sydney.

10- University of Wollongong.

University entrance requirements in Australia

 The minimum admission requirements depend on the level of competitiveness

 in each university. In general, if the university is considered to be a prestigious

 and strong in the education system, then it is certainly more difficult in

 the admission process than other universities. Like all universities in the world.

 Since Australia is an English speaking country, all universities request

 evidence such as (TOEFL certificate, or global English language tests that 

can be taken in your home country) to prove that the student speaks the

 English language and this condition is an integral part of the university 

admission process. If your application is accepted, an email confirmation will be sent from the registration department, which can be used later to submit an application for a student visa.

Australian student visa

New Zealand students do not need to apply for a visa to enter Australia.

 They are among the countries whose citizens are permitted to enter 

Australia without a visa. As for students of other countries, they need to obtain a student visa based on confirmation of acceptance from the universities that they applied to. 

All documents sent to the student visa application must be in English.

The requirements for obtaining a student visa from Australia are:

University acceptance letter from any Australian university.

 Evidence of your financial ability to show that you can pay your living expenses

 for the first year of your university studies.

Obtaining universal health insurance that students can use for treatment abroad,

 and this may require you to undergo a medical examination.

Proficiency in English through secondary education or English language

 tests such as IELTS or TOEFL.

Evidence of no previous criminal record.

Having a previous academic record.

Fill the 157A form.

Four personal photos.

Generally, there are three types of visas available to students in Australia

 and they are a vocational training, education or higher education visa, 

or postgraduate research. For more details, you must visit the website

 of the university you have chosen and see how to obtain a student's visa

 four months before the start of the study.