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German higher education is one of the best in the world, whether in its cars or in its education.

 People everywhere realize "Made in Germany" as if it were the seal of quality.

 There is no doubt that it can benefit from the long, short and famous university

 customs and traditions in Germany, especially in the fields of engineering and medicine.

 Science and pharmacy, as all university degrees are highly respected by

 employers all over the world.

You have a variety of study opportunities

It is worth noting that the higher education system in Germany offers everyone

 around the world everything they need and there are approximately 4,500 German 

universities with 17500 study programs in Germany. German universities offer a

 study program in every possible subject and an academic level, whether it is a bachelor’s

 or master’s accredited exams or doctorate degrees and university concentration 

The general public is strongly encouraged to study scientifically oriented in 

a wide range of disciplines. Applied universities on the other hand

 are scientifically oriented. If you are more interested in artistic subjects, 

you can join the Faculty of Arts and Film Music.

You can study in English

Many and many study programs in Germany are available in English,

 especially masters degrees. This is good news for you if you do not know

 the German language or your level of German is low. You will find an overview

 of international studies programs in Germany in a large database called DAAD.

you are not alone

About 12 percent of students at German universities come from foreign countries

, just like you. You can make friends from all over the world and thus

 become familiar with different countries and expand your horizons. 

Universities offer you support to make your start in German as easy as possible.

You pay very low fees for studying

And sometimes nothing at all! Students do not usually have to pay tuition fees and

 if they do, these fees are few. Bachelor degrees are often free of tuition fee

s in public universities. Some master's programs have tuition fees but they are

 not as high as other countries.

The cost of living is very acceptable

Compared to other European countries, the cost of living in Germany is very acceptable, 

the cost of food, rent, clothing and cultural activities is the same with the European Union,

 and there are also a number of benefits available to students. Where they can get

 discounted prices in theaters, museums, operas, cinemas, swimming pools and 

other institutions. All you have to do is provide your student ID.

Study in Germany

There are many ways to learn and acquire the German language, foremost among

 which is the way to join educational institutes such as the famous Goethe Institute

 which includes 159 centers in many countries of the world. DW Media also launched

 a new German language website called "Niko Road". The new site uses multimedia

 technology, and offers free educational lessons at various levels, from beginner to

 advanced levels in the language. The site, which can be used via mobile phones or

 computers, pays attention to the category of immigrants and refugees in Germany.

It is required to obtain admission to study in German universities, to demonstrate

 proficiency in the proficiency of the German language in a manner that qualifies

 those wishing to enroll in these universities. This can be proven by the use of two tests

: The first is the "German language test for university admission" known as the DSH,

 and the applicant can pass this test only within Germany, because it is not available

 in other countries. Inquiries about exam dates and locations are made

 through the university's  International Student Office, known in German

 as Akademische Auslandsamt.

The second test is the German test as a foreign language and is known as TestDaf.

 Unlike DSH, this test can be passed not only in Germany but also in 90 countries

 around the world. On the TestDaf website, you can find out more about test dates

 and locations, as well as other information in many languages, including Arabic.

Choose a major and university

After the step of obtaining the required level in the German language, it is now the

 turn to choose the appropriate specialization and university and to get acquainted 

with the conditions of study. In addition to the websites of universities, 

the study site in Germany from DW provides a database of the various study programs,

 universities and technical institutes available in Germany. The DAAD website

 also provides information on more than 2,500 specializations in more than 300 German

 universities and technical institutes. There are study programs in Germany where admission

 is limited, such as medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy, and for this reason the application

 for studying in it must be applied centrally through the hochschulstart website.

(University entrance qualification (HZB

Before submitting an application to study in German universities, applicants 

with secondary certificates from outside the European Union must verify that these

 certificates qualify them to start studying in German universities. Here,

 the entry requirements for each country must be found using the DAAD database,

 which includes informationon 35 countries around the world.

 The university's websites also provide information in this regard

 as well as detailed information about all countries on the anabin website.