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The best archaeological cities around the world, ancient ruins are a pleasure deep in the depths of every lover of history, has an attraction that attracts those looking for civilizations, in which a feeling of returning to the fragrant ancient time takes you, not standing in front of seeing far distances, its people cross the borders until they are cleared of longing that cuts their minds to find Their eyes are marked by the antiquities of the ex. The most important monuments and tourism in the world.

Jbeil city in Lebanon

It is called "Byblos", and its origins date back to 5000 BC, and this name was given by the Greeks when they traded with it, and it contains the most important and oldest Phoenician temples.

The city of "Aleppo" in Syria

The oldest inhabitants of Aleppo date back to 4300 BC, and the city with a high population density in Syria includes about 4.4 million people, and it has the most important monuments in Syria.

The city of "Fayoum" in Egypt

The history of Fayoum dates back to 4000 BC, and it has many ancient relics and cultural treasures to discover on your own.

The city of "Beldev" in Bulgaria

It is a city dating back to 4000 BC, where it was the second largest city in Bulgaria, and is one of the most important cultural and archeological cities in the world.

 The city of "Jerusalem" in Palestine

It dates back to the year 2800 BC, and it is the center of the most important religions in the world, and it has great importance being the most important spiritual destination in the world for all the religions.

The city of "Gaziantep" in Turkey

It dates back to 650 BC, and the civilization of Gaziantep goes back to the Hittites and Byzantines, and it includes a wonderful ancient and Roman civilization.

The city of "Sousse" in Iran

It dates back to 4200 BC, when it was the capital of the Elamite Empire before being taken over by the Assyrian forces, and it has many archaeological shrines that are unparalleled in any other country.

The city of "Damascus" in Syria

Dating back to 4300 BC, it has always been a city that attracts millions of tourists, has been seized by the Romans and the Ottomans, and has a long history.

The city of "Erbil" in Iraq

Dating back to 2300 BC, it is located in the north of Kirkuk, which is ruled by Assyrians, Arabs and Persians, and is one of the most important historical cities around the world.

Balkh city in Afghanistan

Dating back to 1500 BC, it was called "Bactra" by the Greeks, as it was described as "the mother of cities", and it is considered one of the most important cities in the cotton industry around the world.

The city of "Athens" in Greece

It dates back to 1400 BC, and is considered the cradle of civilizations due to the multiplicity of its effects and civilization, and is one of the most important tourist cities around the world in the modern era that attract millions of tourists.