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Most Beautiful Islamic Monuments in Europe

Antiquities in Europe, the Islamic civilization has left us with the most beautiful antiquities, in all parts of the world, especially in Europe, which tells about that wonderful civilization that spanned many years, in those countries.

In this report, we review the most beautiful and famous Islamic monuments in Europe, including:

Islamic Archeology Museum

This museum is located in the city of Istanbul, and was established in 1914, and this museum includes thousands of historical manuscripts, which date back to the Islamic ages, as well as a special section to display some of the stone and carpet industries, which were established at that time.

Mosque of Cordoba Mosque

This cathedral is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Spain, and it was included among the monuments, through UNESCO, and one of the most important features of this cathedral is that it combines the features of wonderful Islamic motifs and Christian arts, which is a large cathedral, with a luxurious courtyard And a distinguished garden, and it was once one of the most beautiful mosques of Cordoba.

Sultan Ahmad Mosque

It is one of the oldest mosques that were established in Istanbul, also known as the Blue Mosque, because its walls and floors have been decorated with blue tiles, as for the date of the mosque's construction, it is in 1609, and the mosque includes six wonderful minarets.

The Alhambra in Granada

It is one of the most beautiful palaces that decorate the city of Granada, Spain, and it was once a fortress overlooking the city, so those sitting in the palace can enjoy a breathtaking view of the water, as well as high-rise squares that surround the palace, and it reflects the Islamic motifs and architecture. And historical carpets are there.

The city of Seville

If we talk about the Islamic monuments in Europe, we cannot ignore the city of Seville, which was one of the most important Islamic cities, in those times, and that is why Seville maintains until now, the form of palaces and buildings that bear the style of Islamic architecture.

Al-Andalus Mosque

This mosque is located in the city of Malaga, and this mosque is a silo, with a height of about 25 meters, and it is one of the largest and most important mosques in Europe.

Adham Bay Mosque

The mosque dates back to the eighteenth century, and this mosque is located in the heart of Tirana, Albania, and it was built in the period of the Ottoman Empire, the mosque was closed during the days of Communist rule, then prayer was restored in 1991.

Sultan Ayub Mosque

This mosque is located in the Ayoub region, which is located in Istanbul. The mosque was built in the nineteenth century and is a hub for attracting many tourists from all over the world, due to its wonderful architectural form.