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Strangest 10 pieces of relics puzzled the world

Archaeologists are still searching for modern archaeological discoveries, which indicate the progress of ancient civilizations. Every day, archaeologists around the world discover very important archaeological sites that tell about ancient civilizations and a mysterious daily life in which our ancestors lived.

And behind these archeology mysterious and exciting stories and secrets that scientists have been confused to reveal about and are still in the mystery field, despite the tremendous mastery and recent discoveries, however, the ancient discoveries of civilizations of ages and distant nations occupy most of the people of our time, so we present to the strangest of these Unexplained archaeological discoveries.

1- The Unfinished Obelisk

Among the archaeological discoveries is the unfinished obelisk, which has become a memorial in northern Egypt. This obelisk was discovered in 2005 and is considered to be one of the oldest obelisks around the world. It is also the largest of the obelisks by 33% compared to the rest of the other obelisks in this region. It is 140 feet long and was buried long ago and found some cracks.

2- Voynish manuscript

The Voynich manuscript is a diverse set of secret symbols that has puzzled scientists for long periods, which was named after Walfred Voynich and he who bought the book, and this manuscript contains cosmic secrets that have not been discovered yet. The incomprehensible and said to touch on space and astronomical objects were not known at the time, and so far it has not been explained yet.

3- Ahmed Mohiuddin Al-Biri's map

A map belonging to the well-known Ottoman leader Ahmed Mohiuddin Al-Birri was also found, which was drawn in 1513, which shows the western coast of Africa, the eastern coast of South America and the northern shore of the Antarctic continent, which is the continent of Antarctica, a continent that was not discovered at the time, which entered scientists at a loss of interpretation of this the map.

4- Baghdad batteries

Among the archaeological discoveries that baffled everyone as well is an archaeological discovery in the city of Baghdad that was found in 1937, which is similar to the batteries, which were found inside clay figurines, which indicates that the able civilizations had reached to produce small quantities of electricity 4000 years ago, A German museum curator has published a report on these batteries explaining that these pottery was used as batteries for electrophoresis and coating purposes.

5- Ancient Sumerian monuments in Bolivia

Among the archaeological discoveries also is the finding of ancient Sumerian monuments in Bolivia, where they were found within the ruins of the archaeological site of Tiwanaco in Bolivia, and these monuments were Sumerian archaeological vessels from Iraq dating back to 3500 BC, which confirms the existence of a relationship after the two worlds dating back to a long time ago .

6- A mysterious rock in Lake Winnipesaukee

And mystery continues in the world of archaeological discoveries, where a mysterious rock was discovered in a quiet lake in the United States of America, Lake Winnipesaukee, which is a rock that takes the shape of an oval with incomprehensible signs and until now the source of the rock has not been discovered yet.

7- Stone balls in Costa Rica

Found in various regions of Costa Rica, a group of strange rock balls that exceed the number of 300 balls, where scientists believe that these balls were made manually by the civilization of the dikis between 700 and 1530 AD, and until now it is not known the reason and goal of making it in this systematic circular shape .

8- Ancient aliens

A group of fishermen lived in Colombia's Magdalena Valley alongside farmers, goldsmiths and ceramics 13,000 years ago, where goldsmiths produced more than a hundred small gold statues of animals and insects found in cemeteries, but at the same time ten small statues that resemble aircraft were found The modern fighter, who is believed to be the owners of this tribe, was in contact with aliens.

9- The Lizard Man Statue

In 1955, Leonardo and Lee discovered a strange statue of a mother and child in a cemetery in Ur which is a human body but with a head that resembles a lizard’s head. He is currently citing this pioneering artifact that the inhabitants of the Iraqi slave civilization were in contact with aliens.

10- Thor's Hammer

Hundreds of years ago, more than a thousand small hammer-shaped pieces were found in various locations in northern Europe. The meaning is not known yet, but in 2014 one amulet was discovered in the town of Koblev, on a Danish island, where it was written in the runic language "Hmar x is". Meaning, this is a hammer that belongs to the Thunder God, Thor, who used to have a magic hammer called "Mulliner".