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AZ screen recorder application, allows you to record the screen on your mobile phone to videos in HD, FHD and it is the only application to record the screen in the Android store that enables you to stop the temporary recording and start while recording.

You can also record audio from the microphone and it is automatically merged into the recorded video. Which makes it very suitable for creating educational videos, comments on games or recording a video chat. The floating window is always on top so you can capture the right moment within any screen. In the settings, you can enable the touchscreen display on the screen so that people watching your videos can see exactly what you are doing.

AZ screen recorder app for Android

In addition, there are many other features in this free application such as choosing video resolution, bit rate, video direction, pause timer, choosing the folder in which to save, viewing, sharing or deleting recorded videos.

You can run the application and take advantage of all its advantages by downloading the application only without any need to pay cash or download any other applications.

The first work "Root" to run the application on the Android phone, and the application also includes recording the screen with its entire contents and exits of notifications and sound.

AZ screen recorder app for Android

Creators of content and short videos, such as YouTube, are always looking for a program that helps them do their work with the full required performance.

Many content creators use the Az screen Recorder app to make it easier for them to record screen and explain their work with a video on their mobile phone.

It is also used by many others so that it can explain the steps of a friend in a simple and easy way.

Technical information about the Az screen Recorder app

Application size: varies by device

Application category: Video Tools

Evaluation: From Google Play Store 4.6

Number of installations: More than 10 million times

Application: Free

Last update: 2020

Operating system: Android

Features of the AZ Screen Recorder app

 Free application.

 easy to use .

 Does not require root validity.

 Multiple options within the application.

 HD video recording.

 Record audio and merge it with video.

 View and share recorded videos.

How to control the AZ Screen Recorder app

Coding: After selecting the codec, a small window will be presented to you in which you can control video pause or pause and fix the green screen

Magic button: It also controls the video recording system, which is not free.

Stop options: After you click on the stop options you can choose how to stop screen recording or re-record again via the notification bar or the red dot that appears during recording, and you can also specify the duration of the recording.

Resolution: You can control the quality of the video recorded according to your desire.

Shooting frame: You can also select only the region where you want to record the clip.

Broadcast rate: The application provides you with a direct broadcast by linking the application to the social media applications, and you can control the broadcast method.

Direction: The app provides you with a setting where you can control how to shoot horizontally or vertically.

Speed ​​up / slow down events: You can also control the speed of the video as you can slow it down to better display specific steps.

Voice recording: As you record a screenshot, you can also record your voice attached with the video to explain what you are recording.

Texts and notices: Some may find it difficult to isolate the application logo and property rights, but with this application you can control the appearance of the application logo, and you can control the appearance of notifications at run time.

Camera view: You can turn on the front camera and add the image to the clip.

Countdown before starting: until you can get a video with the required accuracy, you can calibrate the time until the screen starts recording, and you can also control the time.


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