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Beta Maniac Application for Managing beta Program Subscriptions

The new Beta Maniac application allows you to periodically scan beta programs for "beta" applications that you have previously installed, so it sends you a notification when a limited number trial program is available, and you can subscribe to this beta program by clicking on the notification that arrives to you, and with the application you can also Manage your subscription to beta programs directly, and even filter lists according to your desire, all in a free downloadable application.

The process of developing any application or game always passes through several stages and several copies. As for copies, there are 3 common types, which are “Alpha” and Beta and stable version. For the copy, alpha is usually not provided to users for use because it often carries a lot of Errors and problems, while the beta version is provided for use with some warning of possible errors.

While the stable version is the one that is officially provided for general use without problems, of course when issuing the beta version for any application or game, the latter will have new features that are not present in the stable version, so you will find lovers of exploration and amateurs try new features before everyone, You find them always share the beta copies provided by companies for Android applications, as this subscription is made directly from the application page on the Google Play Store.

But sometimes there are companies that open the door to joining beta copies for a limited number of people, in this case in order to win this selection you must always check the application page, and to avoid this boring repetition you can in turn use the Beta Maniac application, this unique application is the focus of an article Today, follow up with me to learn about its features and how to operate it.

Beta Maniac application is a free program for Android phones dedicated to beta copy lovers who want to try new features before everyone else, where you can get a notification when a beta version is available for any application in your phone, and it is very useful to reserve a seat as a subscriber to the beta version provided by companies in a limited manner The number is like WhatsApp and Linkedin, on the other hand, you will be able to subscribe to the beta versions available for any application installed in your phone with ease without having to go to the Google Play Store for applications.

Beta Maniac is an app that allows you to better manage beta software “beta” subscriptions, especially those with limited numbers of subscribers.

After we got to know the definition of the abbreviated Beta Maniac application, and what its task is, we enter directly into the rest of the details, as this tool provides you with the ability to perform periodic periodic surveys of beta programs for applications installed on your smartphone, and then send a notification when a closed beta program is available again , Or when the version is edited to accommodate more users, and to subscribe to the trial you only need to touch the notification.

For its part, the scanning or automatic scanning can be customized every 15 minutes, 60 minutes, 120 minutes, 4 hours, or 8 hours, provided that the scanning procedure is guaranteed when the device is active, while in the case of energy saving, the scan is performed or not when he wakes up The system according to the specified time interval.