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Canva app, after its launch last year on iOS and the admiration of millions of users with its capabilities, is the Canva graphic design application that moves on the other Android system, and the application comes with a package of professional tools in the world of image design, and most importantly it makes the process of creating designs a very simple thing, and all of that Without the need for any design skills.

Whether you need an Instagram or Facebook post, a photo editor, a photo collage, wedding invitations, poster design, or even banner design, cards, and flyer advertising, you will find that Canva is the comprehensive design application that allows you to present attractive designs instantly and in a few passes More importantly, it has more than 60,000 ready-made templates designed and designed by professional designers.

With this huge number, Canva provided you with a search bar. For example, you want to design a birthday card, very simply do your research and you will get a list that includes all designs and templates ready for the birthday party while you in turn add the required text and after modifications such as adding pictures or text with lines, colors and sizes Different.

There is a library tab, which includes carrying more than 3 million pictures and designs with hundreds of free items and fonts, so it supports downloading any image and saving it to your device or using the camera integrated with the application and taking a picture immediately, and not only that, but there is a professional photo editor with all that the word holds Meaning and you'll find unique filters and options for adjusting brightness, contrast, transparency, layers and much more.

Canva app to create social media photos that bring your brand and life to life:

- Facebook posts and covers

- Instagram posts

- Twitter posts and banners

- YouTube channel images and thumbnails.

And special designs for all aspects of your life

Advertising flyers.


Blog Banners.



Photo collages.

Download the best free image and graphics design app for Android devices, Canva Premium Edition paid for free with the latest update with a direct link fast.

Canva is an Android graphic design app developed by Canva and published on Google Play. This program can be considered a comprehensive launcher of applications to create a variety of graphic designs, so that its users who have access to a variety of tools can display all their abilities in this field and whoever have amazing images in their minds.

As mentioned, the graphic design of Canva covers a wide range of videos, such as Instagram Stories, Posters and Postcards can be expected among others. This huge database has provided over 60,000 different templates for its users in a variety of categories that you can customize to any level. For more beautiful designs, you can go to fonts and take advantage of them without any restrictions.

Other advantages of the Canva app are digital advertising projects where small or large business owners can create incredibly attractive slides with only a small amount of photos or videos and push anyone alongside them. The high-quality set of images meets your need for images in a variety of contexts, and you just have to name them in the search bar to access the best images.


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