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Memorigi Application To Organize and Plan your Daily Life

Memorigi is an app that lets you increase your productivity with a to-do list, activity planner, reminders and more.

Before starting to introduce the application, I mention to you that it is not new, but for its importance we have put it here, and with regard to introducing it, it is an application that enables you to organize and plan your daily life, whether it is organizational or important management, since Memorigi instills positive habits to take responsibility and transform your life for the better, The app comes with a task planner, not to mention the calendar tool, reminder options, and much more that I invite to discover on your own.

Follow up on everything important and useful in the world of applications, with us to this day one of the applications recently on the Google Play Store, which is Memorigi application that allows you to create simple lists of activities and short and long-term goals, for example frequent schedules of activities such as weekly meetings, and activities that Every hour occurs a certain number of times, with reminders set based on the location with the ability to customize across colors, symbols and tones in order to better organize.

The app also comes with more powerful and useful tools, noting that all of the following requires an in-app purchase, including statistic and targeted feature to track progress, the ability to share collaborative activities with up to 20 people, as well as download relevant file attachments with activities .

Not only that, as there is a feature to sync data right now on multiple devices, the ability to read text aloud, the automatic planning process based on weather and much more.

Finally, the Memorigi app is available for free download on Android, and as we mentioned earlier, the app includes an optional purchase to unlock the above features, and it is sufficient to take advantage of the application that your Android device is running version 5.0 and later.