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The arrangement of world civilizations, it is worth mentioning that civilization usually appears because of the many human efforts that are being made for it, and as a result of the evolution of the living conditions of these individuals, whether the reason behind the emergence of this civilization is the intended efforts or not, or whether the efforts are of a moral nature or Sometimes materialistic, but in the end, it will continue to be linked to human history primarily and directly, due to its great efforts in building and developing civilizations through different times.

The oldest civilizations in the world

It is worth noting that since the presence of man on the surface of the earth, many human civilizations have appeared, and all these civilizations represented a historical and cultural stock and a distinct scientific and knowledge stock, and the impact of all this on all civilizations that came after it, and it is also noticed that these civilizations were able to build assets Different history, as well as was able to draw all his features that turned after that to a great historical wealth, its features and features still exist to this day, and we will address in the following through this article in detail the most important and oldest civilizations of the whole world in detail:

1- Mesopotamian civilization

As this is one of the oldest types of global civilizations, and many beliefs have indicated that this civilization was present in the lands of the fertile river, but as for the seat of its existence at the present time it is located in the State of Iraq, and specifically located between each of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, and consequently distinguishes them greatly In the field of agriculture, and this helped Iraq to be one of the first societies to cultivate. Perhaps the most famous civilization that contacted Mesopotamia is the Assyrian civilization, the Babylonian civilization, the Sumerian civilization and the Kidan civilization, and after many years passed the Mesopotamian civilization managed to rule the Muslim Turks as well You can rule both the Persians, the Mongols and the Greeks.

2- The Canaanite civilization

It is considered one of the ancient world civilizations, and the people who belong to it were named after the Canaanite people, and this civilization was characterized by many different characteristics, and this civilization spread in the Semitic language, which became the primary language in it, and the Canaanites relied on pictorial writing before they invented the alphabet that belonged to them .

3- Egyptian civilization

Where the Egyptian people succeeded in establishing one of the greatest civilizations that humanity has known in the past, the Egyptian civilization was distinguished by many different fields and one of the most important of these areas is religion where the Egyptian civilization relied on the worship of the gods and the worship of the gods was linked to a large group of different celebrations and legends, and it is noticeable That the forms of deities in Egyptian civilization took many names and forms of animals such as hawks and deer, and the god of the sun became the only god in Egyptian civilization during the establishment and establishment of the new empire.

As for the writing spread in the Egyptian Pharaonic civilization, it has spread a distinctive pictorial writing known as the hieroglyphics, and after the passage of a lot of time the first alphabet that depends on the letters appeared, and this type of writing was distinguished by its ease and simplicity in dealing with it, and in terms of literature, it spread in the Egyptian civilization A wide range of different writings of a religious nature with distinct magical inscriptions written on the pyramids.

4- Greek civilization

Which emerged with a group of ancient civilizations, which represented the Greek civilization, which dates back to about 3000 BC, as well as the civilization of the Cocladies, and this civilization was established in the eastern region of Greece within the Cocaladis Islands, and the existence of this civilization continued from the year 3000 BC to the year 1100 BC, It was known by the remains of pottery tools belonging to the Greeks during this period.

5- Minoan civilization

It is considered one of the civilizations that appeared on the island of Crete. This civilization was affected by the nature of the Egyptian civilization, and it was called the Minoan, because the rulers of this civilization were known as Minos, and the civilization continued to exist between the years 3000 BC to 1100 BC.

6- The Trojan civilization

It is one of the civilizations that was close to the Strait of Dardanelles, and this civilization appeared in the lands of Asia Minor. It was discovered by the famous scholar Suleiman, and it reflects the development of its economic life.