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Forex trading for beginners, profitable trading in the Forex market is based on observing very general rules and principles. Forex education is the cornerstone of successful, healthy, and happy currency trading.

There is no doubt that many investors around the world accept Forex trading in order to achieve great profits in a short period of time, such as oil trading, gold trading, metal trading.

Forex trading experience is a great advantage, but if you are not expert enough to trade with live money, it is possible to learn from another person and if you do it correctly, it will definitely be useful for you.

Trading in Forex becomes increasingly more respectful and the Internet is full of free Forex information and articles.

The idea is to find the right information or tools that will help you succeed in your Forex trading career.

People think of the Forex market not just for trading, but for a real chance to make money online. Because of the personal experiences of real money traders that are shared in educational materials, new traders have the opportunity to do the same, regardless of whether they have an economic or financial professional background or not.

How to choose the right Forex broker

The foreign financial market is the largest financial market in the world, with an average daily turnover of more than $ 4 trillion, and it is difficult to choose the appropriate Forex trading platform because it does not include a central market, in addition to the huge number of Forex brokers, which is always increasing.

So when choosing the right broker for traders, you should focus carefully and check through certain methods, especially among this huge number of brokers' announcements across magazines and the internet, so we discuss in this article the method of choosing the appropriate Forex broker, Forex trading is accepted by many in order to achieve great profits In a short period of time, such as oil trading, gold trading, metal trading.

1- Regulatory commitment in the United States

When choosing a trading broker, you must ensure that he mainly joins two organizations. Firstly, the National Futures Association “NFA” is a self-regulating industry that manufactures futures contracts in the United States of America. This organization works to protect the listed financial market and traders and investors and helps traders to Take organizational responsibilities.

2- the United States Futures Commission “CFTC”

 is an independent government agency that regulates futures and commodity futures markets, and that organization works to protect the broker-affiliate and market traders from fraud, manipulation, and improper business practices, by selling commodities and futures financial options, as well as Supporting urgent contracts markets and opening up areas of secure financial competition.

The famous website that advertises a commercial broker is not necessarily affiliated with these organizations, this matter is not only in the United States, but each country has its own regulatory bodies, due to the potential risk of deposits and broker guarantee, so it is necessary to deal commercially with companies that are subject to agreed regulation It down in the state.

Forex account details

Every Forex trading platform has different account offers, including the following:

Leverage and margin

Leverage is a loan offered by brokers to margin account holders, and it is a variety of amounts such as “1:50 or 1: 200”.

For example, by using a trader's leverage 1:50, he can raise his account by $ 1,000 to occupy a value of $ 50,000, and the leverage also supports traders in profitable positions where it increases the chance of profitability, but with the possibility of natural loss in the financial market, in the case of Using profitable leverage causes the trader’s account to be destroyed, so a trader should use profitability with extreme caution.

Commissions and spreads in Forex

Commissions and spreads are the sources of the broker's profits. The broker who uses commissions earns a percentage of the profit margin, as well as the difference in price between the offer and the price of the foreign currency pair, but the majority of brokers declare that they do not receive any commissions, and instead, they earn profits from During the price differences.

Example: If the price of the spread is fixed by three points, and the point is the minimum unit for changing the price in the Forex, then this means that the price of the spread is not fixed and changes according to the fluctuations of the financial market. As for the currency pair such as “EUR \ USD” from 1.3943 - 1.3946 its price contains Three points, which means that once bought by a trader at 1.3946 then this means that the position has already lost three points of its value so it should not be sold immediately except by 1.3943, and so the difference is large, the profit is a little profit, and currency pairs are often Common foreigners such as “EUR \ USD \ GBP \ USD” have lower spreads than other pairs.

Easy deposits and withdrawals in Forex

Forex brokers usually offer easy ways for account holders in withdrawal and deposit policies, where account holders can deposit their money by credit card, ACH payment, or through PayPal, or via a bank transfer or a commercial or personal check, as well as making withdrawals by transfer Bank or checks, against a small fee charged by the broker for these transactions.

Forex currency pairs

It is necessary for brokers to offer popular currency pairs in the financial market, as there are a huge number of currencies available for trading, but interest-only stipulates some of these currencies, and as a result, trading occurs with high financial liquidity, the main currencies are “the US dollar, the Japanese yen, the euro, Swiss Francs, British Pound "Forex trading is accepted by many in order to achieve great profits in a short period of time, such as oil trading, gold trading, metal trading.

Customer service 24 hours

Trading in the financial market is permanent 24 hours a day, so brokers' customer service must operate during that period, as the response via recorded voice messages is bad in many cases, and thorough customer service, you can know the answer briefly.

Forex trading platform

The trading platform is the gateway for the trader to enter the investment world, so you must check the basic system and know the programs that are easy to use, know the technical analysis tools it provides and enter and exit deals safely.

The best Forex trading platforms

Through Forex platforms, traders can place bets on the currencies of the world, and buy and sell currency pairs whose prices change according to economic conditions around the world. The Forex market operates 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day.

As trading begins at noon on Sunday in the United States of America and closes at noon on Friday after stock traders finish their business, and the Forex Financial Market is known for its huge transactions in currency trading, which is estimated at 4 billion USD, traders in the Forex market deal through platforms It is a variety of web terminals and specialized software, which makes choosing one of them not easy for traders, so we present in this article the best forex trading platforms.

Basic criteria for choosing Forex platforms

The Forex market is traded on short positions for currency pairs, either long or short, which are calculated on two forms of legal bid such as the euro or the US dollar, where the long position provides money-making deals by moving the exchange rate up, while the short position saves money from During the exchange rate move lower, which is unlike securities where the trader does not borrow shares or funds from the broker but it is possible to pay the extension messenger.

The best Forex trading platforms

Ninja trader

It is a global trading platform, can deal with any broker through its accounts, this platform is characterized by a graphical analysis that allows the trader the most accurate information on market sentiment, as well as interested in developing and updating the platform the American company Ninja Trader LLC, based in Denver, and the basic system of Ninja is a standard system for many From investment companies, there are also versions of the Lite and Pro that provide the use of very high and unlimited trading and analysis capabilities.


This platform allows traders to earn profits through independent investment and investment with others, as this platform contains an interface to facilitate the work of traders, it also provides a detailed guide for beginners through the site, and also includes instructions for adding a trading account on the platform, and Zulu is an independent organization that cooperates With a number of trusted brokers.

Mirror trader

This platform is very similar to what the “Zulu” platform offers, but the main function of the “Mirror” platform is to monitor the transactions of successful traders, it also provides the possibility of trading automatically and semi-automatically, and the investor decides which transactions he wants to take, but beginners should not use this platform As the bidders' transactions distract them, they also have no guarantees of success.

MetaTrader 4

This platform is considered one of the best trading platforms, and its platform was developed in 2005 by the American company "Misquotes Software Corp", and the features of this platform include the following:

High performance.

It provides the ability to implement any business ideas and develops its own strategies.

The developers have provided the trading advisors editor to MQL4, providing highly skilled traders with the necessary trading operations.

On this platform, the trader can install any indicators of his own or not included in the standard set of analytical tools, as well as trading programs and scripts.

The flexibility of price charts.

MetaTrader 5

It is an innovative trading platform by Misquotes Software Corp in 2010, which includes many of the features of the "Meta Trader 4" previously mentioned, in addition to expanding the platform in this new version, which includes the following features:

Develop a timeframe from 9 to 21.

Market analysis with more than 70 tools.

The difference between Forex and Stock Exchange trading

We all hear about the word stock market, which is known to be the stock market in which many people put their money in it, but there is another name that is also mentioned which is the name of the Forex, but between the two words there is a fundamental difference between them in the foreign exchange market, which is considered one of the alternatives It is great to trade among them, but what differentiates the stock exchange from Forex, is that the Forex has a very small number of alternatives available for trading, in contrast to the stock exchange that has a very large number of alternatives, which is estimated at about a thousand alternatives.

Forex and Stock Exchange trading

There are great efforts by market speculators in foreign currencies known as Forex, which is a market for trading several foreign currencies as it helps in setting a lot of services for its users.

It is focused on about seven pairs of currencies different from each other, as there are a number of four major currency pairs, which include each of the Eurodollars, also the dollar has the yen, and also includes the pound dollars, it also contains the Frank dollar, as it contains Also on three different secondary pairs it is known as, NZD. USD, AUD. USD, USD. CAD, they are branched types of currencies, and the last types of currencies are the cross currency pairs between the major currencies.

What is the difference between Forex and the stock market

1- One of the most important things that Forex features are that it operates 24 hours a day and five days a week. As for the Stock Exchange, it operates at a specific number of hours and the timing is according to the country in which it is traded.

2- The commission is considered one of the important things in the stock market, in which the commission is paid to the intermediary company that is in the process of buying and selling, and that is completely different from Forex because in Forex no commission is paid, but the payment is done directly via the spread, and that percentage is very small compared to the commission paid on the stock market.

3- Also, the shares in the stock market are always unstable and are constantly rising and falling, so when the shares are bullish, you can buy and profit on the condition that the stock prices are stable or rising.

It is worth noting that the situation is completely different in Forex trading, in the case of the rise, you can buy and sell at any time, but in the case of a decline, you can sell and then buy again when the matter stabilizes.

4- That Forex allows you to trade currencies with six currency pairs, which gives you an opportunity for options and that is very easy, there is no doubt that the shape is completely different in the stock market, as the stock market has about 52 products worldwide and that makes the options multiple Very difficult.

5- The Forex market provides the clients with the required transparency, allowing you to see all the data and economic news that are sent to all of its clients without distinguishing one client from another, and this is unlike the stock market in a big way, as there is a lack of transparency and some information may leak inside the country before the issuance of that information Publicly available to all, so there is a lack of credibility that often reaches customers.

6- When dealing in Forex, it is possible to perform the sale or purchase process by pressing a button and without anyone interfering in that decision, and the matter is completely different in the stock market, and there are not a large number of transactions and interventions that stare before the buying and selling process.

7 - Liquidity in the stock market is a very restricted issue, and there are several systems that are followed until the process of obtaining the money is completed, and that takes a very long time until the money reaches you after several steps are followed, but in Forex it is different, as soon as the order is given to take the money It reaches you immediately, and money can be taken from electronic banks so that the liquidity in Forex is much easier.

Speculation in the stock market

Often times the stock market, which is known as the stock market, can cause a very big loss in the stock market, which leads to a very heavy loss for these traders, and this leads to a significant contraction in the size and activity of these investors, especially within the stock market and this is considered one of the most difficult Which is very frequent when opening and closing deals, which the traders want in a short time.

In spite of this, the stock market relies heavily on blows of fortune, and these traffickers and investors depend on the importance of that fortune blow that may befall them, and there is a good number of beliefs and rules that restrict the ability of some investors in their work, such as speculation in the stock market. Especially the US stock market, those big speculations that happen can affect their expected profits greatly, or they can benefit from the trading opportunity that occurs in this big market.

Forex Speculation

Forex works to provide great opportunities to benefit at all times, so it benefits when it rises and benefits when it falls in price and with all international currencies. Also, Forex is characterized by the opportunity to buy and sell in the same existing currency or even at the same time.

The difference between Forex trading and gold trading

Gold is traded on the Forex market and known in part to its wonderful assets and international attractiveness, and managing your gold investments requires experience, skill and learned behaviors that will serve you well in reducing risks and achieving the maximum amount of reward and gains, and therefore with that in mind, we must take some time To review the five secrets of the gold trade that successful traders use to reap large financial profits.

The most important secrets of the gold trade

Precious gold metal has always been considered a safe haven in times of difficult crisis, and our simple gold trading strategy will help you buy gold and sell gold at the same time, and we will also know some valuable gold trade secrets that will help you make great profits.

The best strategy for trading gold or other commodities is to do exactly the same thing as a smart money trading commodity, therefore, since it is a strategy that tells you when to enter trades on almost any time frame, whether you are looking for higher timeframes for long-term investment or when you want to enter And get out of short-term deals.

If you are interested in inflation or the economy in general, investing in gold is an excellent way to protect your wealth, however, if you are trying to make money from gold trading you must follow and know these important secrets, as this guide will include every step that you must follow to understand how to trade gold in the way that It is carried out by large traders in institutions.

Determine the appropriate time to trade the gold

There is a great relationship between how gold moves and the seasonal gold pattern, and there are certain times in the year when the gold trade is strong, and there are also other times of the year when gold is traditionally weaker, and therefore it would be great to know the times when there is a higher probability of a rise or a greater likelihood of a decline In the gold trade.

Diversifying the sources of gold trading

One of the biggest mistakes people make when investing in gold is putting everything they own in one basket and although it may be easy for you to do so, you face a much greater risk by lack of diversification, whether you use spot trading of other minerals such as Silver or going to currencies, you can trade gold and diversification, and this is not really a secret like other gold trading secrets and it is a best practice but it is worth emphasizing the importance of that.

Attention to the international price of gold

Do you understand the role that gold plays in the economies of the world, and if you want to make big profits, be sure to pay attention to current events, where gold is seen as a relatively stable safe haven when it comes to price volatility, and when instability increases in the market people flow into gold, which leads to higher prices.