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Grymaldi Forum in Monaco announces his happiness

The exhibition of Grimaldi Form in Monaco was very pleased with the opening of the archaeological exhibition today, which includes many Egyptian pharaonic artifacts, which the 

world is waiting for.

"Today, we are very happy to open the doors of this beautiful exhibition," said the exhibition on its Twitter blog site.

The exhibition called for comments and comments on the exhibition, to follow up on its images, publish them everywhere, circulate "#OrdesPharaons" and add a "@grimaldiforum" crown.

Many Egyptian artifacts, which show more than 150 pieces brought from the museum, will bring together the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, and will present a series of distinguished elements, discovered in the royal tombs and kings of Pharaonic Egypt.

In her speech, Christian Ziegler, Honorary Director of the Egyptian Antiquities Department of the Louvre Museum, the director of the archaeological mission of the Louvre Museum in Saqqara (Egypt) and the head of the antiquities center "Memphit", one of the officials and coordinator of the exhibition, said: (Jewelries, vases, bracelets, pendants, jeweler belts, gold plated mirrors, necklaces, coffins, funerary masks, gold-plated furniture, and goddesses). The display will be very interesting, , And sophisticated and attractive.