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Pyramids The Pyramids are located on the northern edge of the State of Egypt on a rocky plateau in the West Bank of the Nile near Giza. One of the seven ancient wonders of the world is three pyramids 

Search Ancient Egyptian Pharaonic Antiquities

carefully constructed with high elevations and an attractive geometric style showing the skill and engineering ability of the Pharaohs In the foot, which falls under the list of ancient monuments of the 

Memphis region with Saqra, Dahshar, Abu Rourwish and Abu Hair, which were collectively classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979. [1] The Sphinx is a very giant statue of rock

, A human body and a lion, to symbolize the gathering of the power of the lion and the wisdom of man together and in one body, and was built in the belief that it has the ability to protect the tombs that exist in the pyramids. [2] Abu Simbel Temple The Abu Simbel temple was built about 3000

 years ago, It was built in honor of the wife of Ramesses II Nefertari and the ancient Egyptian goddesses Ra, Amun and Ptah. The temple shows its crowning through the sun's rays only two times a year. The first time the sun rises on the temple on February 22, The second on the throne, and the second on 2 2 October, on the occasion of the anniversary of his birth, and the temple has inside it the statue of God Ptah, the "god of injustice", which never enters the sun. [3] Karnak Temple The Karnak Temple is one of the largest complexes with a series of structures, Because it was represented in the past from a religious position to perform religious rites that lasted more than 4000 years such as the pilgrimage ritual, but the main pilgrims today are only tourists.