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Monuments Found In Italy

The monuments in Italy, the Colosseum 

The Colosseum is considered

 one of the most famous monuments of Italy;

 it is a huge amphitheater that accommodates approximately fifty thousand viewers,

 where its measurements reach (190 m × 155 m), as it is built of stone and concrete,

 and its exterior façade is designed in the form of three floors.

 The arched, which numbered eighty entrances,

 which was loaded on semi-circular columns,

 and it should be noted that the amphitheater was built by

 the Roman Emperor Vespasian between the years 70 AD-72 AD, and it was shown fighting and wrestling games.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

The monuments found in Italy, the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is located

 in the Italian city of Florence, and it is known by the name (The Duomo), knowing

 that its construction took a hundred and forty years.

 The dimensions of the church are 90 meters in height,

 90 meters in width, and 153 meters in length, thus Santa Maria is the third largest

 cathedral in the world, and it also has the largest stone dome in the world,

 which took sixteen years to complete.

Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is famous for being a dancing masterpiece designed by

 Nicolas Salvi, and Giuseppe Panini on the Baroque style in the year one thousand seven hundred and sixty-two, and the fountain is located in the Trevi neighborhood

 in the city of Rome with a height of twenty-six meters,

 and a width of up to forty-nine meters Mythological, in addition to the natural rock formations, are monuments found in Italy.

The Pantheon

The Pantheon was built during the time of Hadrian in the year one hundred

 and twenty-five AD, which is a building designed in the classical style so that

 the building rises on a base of 1,3 m, noting that it is composed of two parts:


The balcony, which reaches 11.8 meters high, consists of eight front columns, which are of Corinthian style, and its dimensions are (33.1 × 13.6 meters).

The round building: it is characterized by its dome, which reaches a height of 43.2 m.

 It is surrounded by a circular ornate opening, covered in bronze

 with a diameter of 8,8 m. 

It is located above the round hall.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa rises by fifty-six meters, as its levels can be moved

 through a spiral staircase that consists of 294 degrees, knowing that the tower

 is tilted by 5.5 degrees, and its inclination is explained by its construction

 on soft ground, which caused the foundations of instability in the building ,

 The monuments found in Italy.

The most important monuments found in Rome

Roman square

This field is located in a small valley, between the Platine hills and the Capitoline hills.

 In the past, it was a place where people gathered, where speeches were given,

 and marches gathered, in addition to being an important commercial center,

 in which to this day the arches of Septimius Severus, and the arches of Titus,

 remain. In addition to the presence of the Temple of Pius Antonios, 

the Temple of Faustina, as well as the Temple of Saturn,

 the monuments found in Italy.

Spanish stairs

The shape of these stairs is represented by a road, consisting of one

 hundred and thirty-five degrees, and the date of its establishment dates

 back to the year one thousand seven hundred and twenty one AD, 

and the year one thousand seven hundred and twenty five AD, 

and its financing was by France, in order to link between the Bourbon

 Spain in the Vatican, With the French Church of Trinita dei Monti,

 the ruins are in Italy.

Vatican Museums

It is a group of museums located in the center of the Vatican City, 

dating back to the sixth century AD by Pope Paulus, which includes stairways

 with a spiral shape, and Raphael's rooms, and also the Sistine Chapel,

 and it is worth noting that one of the works of the international painter

 Michael Angelo painted him to the roof of the church, and that

 was Between the years one thousand five hundred and eight AD,

 and one thousand five hundred and twelve AD, the monuments found in Italy.

a church Saint Peter

It is considered the most important Christian church in the world, due to its 

containment of the shrine of St. Peter, it is a very large cathedral, 

the height of the interior is about one hundred and twenty meters,

 and its dome was painted by the artist Michael Angelo,

 and in it a statue of Saint Peter is designed by Bernini, the monuments in Italy .