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Future Apple devices may be completely free of passwords

Access to the online services still requires the use of the user name and password. However, thanks to consecutive hacks and database leaks, these login methods are no longer as secure as before, and many companies are looking for alternatives.

Regarding Apple, the company appears to be heading towards a password-free future as it formally joined Fido Alliance this week to become a member of the Alliance Board of Directors, and is added to a list of other prominent technology companies that include Facebook, ARM, Amazon, Google and Intel, Microsoft and Samsung.

In the event that you do not hear about Fido Alliance, it is an alliance that aims to eliminate the need to use passwords with reliable devices. This is similar to what companies like Google did, providing the Google Titan Secure USB Key, which confirms the user’s identity while logging in to sites and services that support it.

This means that passwords will not be required because all you need is a reliable device such as secure USB keys or even your smartphone. This will make users less vulnerable to phishing scams or emails as there is no need for users to enter passwords, which means their passwords can no longer be stolen.

It is unclear how Apple plans to include this technology in its future devices, so we will have to wait until the picture becomes clearer in the future.

Many companies tend to adopt a curved design in a screen in upcoming devices, and Apple has submitted a new patent for the design of the Mac desktop computer that comes with a curved screen.

The patent design of the Mac is based on a curved screen, which includes the device's configurations at the back, and the curvature on the screen can support the installation of a keyboard in the middle.

Apple has many attempts to design upcoming devices for the company, with some of them only moving to the implementation phase, while others remain an idea that reveals a new vision for Apple.

One of the unconventional designs from Apple, this new design that was filed by Apple in the patent, is striking, as it focuses on the idea of ​​one screen curved at the end, and the curved part of the screen mediates a slot that supports the installation of a keyboard in the middle.

Patent fees also indicate the ability to adjust the curvature of the screen or fold and close the system completely, also expectations indicate that this design targets laptop computers.

It is noteworthy that the emergence of patent files does not confirm that this design will move to the implementation stage on the ground soon, but it is a new, unconventional vision for the future of Apple Mac design.