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Audio Manager App to Hide Photos And Files For Android

Privacy is a big thing that all users of Android smart devices search for, especially if the device is used by someone else.

Many tools will help you in obtaining your privacy while using your phone or if it occurs in the hands of the wrong people, whether these features are within the system or through external applications.

This application is the Audio Manager, the most famous application that is concerned with this matter, it is an audio manager program to hide files, and although its name does not suggest that, the audio manager application is originally to hide files on Android What is this name except to draw the attention of the intruder, as the full name of the application Includes in brackets "Hide It Pro", which indirectly means hiding files, pictures and videos.

Audio Manager app helps you to hide pictures, files, applications and videos in addition to a number of additional features.

Audio Manager features

The ability to hide pictures, files and videos.

Icon and interface as an audio interface for intruders not to suspect.

Hide music and video files in specific folders.

The possibility of saving within Google Drive.

Hide the application from the list of programs.

A password in order to run the application before using it.

256-bit AES application encryption.

Private hidden browser.

Hidden messages and calls.

After downloading an application, you can hide your files with complete security and privacy in your phone, as this application works as a store of secrets through which you can hide your photos that you do not want anyone to see.

After long pressing on a higher icon, you encounter the application, a new page appears to set the application password, and there you can hide all kinds of your files, pictures and videos, as well as you can hide all your messages and browse the sites with all privacy. You can also hide the audio clips and your daily notes.

One of the most popular applications on Android is this program for hiding pictures, videos and files, and audio manager. It helps you to hide pictures, files, applications and videos in addition to a number of other additional benefits that you can benefit from for free after downloading this wonderful program.

Information about the file hide program:

Name: audio manager.

Application size: 6.2m.

Installations: more than 10 million.

Current version: 6.2.

It works on: Android 4.1.

Developer: ANUJ TENANI.