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Toyota Corolla 2020 Car - Price And Specs

Toyota Corolla 2020, agents of Toyota Motor Corporation Toyota are preparing to launch the 12th generation of the best-selling car in the company 2020 Toyota Corolla, which has sold more than 40 million cars of its class so far.

The new generation depends on a new building base called “Gac”, which is part of the new Toyota “Tnga” system in the 12th generation of Corolla, which has a center of gravity 10 mm lower than the 11th generation, and the multi-link rear suspension has become a multi-link car. .

The exterior of the car has become 60% stiffer, to make the 2020 model of the Toyota Corolla more sporty, stable, durable and reliable, and the company has succeeded in eliminating blind spots that were blocking visibility in previous models, according to the official website of the Japanese Toyota.

As for the all-new Toyota Corolla 2020 specifications, it contains the same previous model 4-cylinder motor - 1600 cc, 120 horsepower - 154 Nm / m, and includes a Cvt transmission, and an acceleration rate from 0 to 100 km in 11 seconds. The maximum speed is 190 km.

Toyota Corolla 2020 car

The price of Toyota Corolla 2020 ranges between 338 and 470 thousand pounds, and it is issued in 4 different categories, the regular category, half full specifications, and full specifications (electric doors, center lock, luxury leather-trimmed tableau, front and back sensors, back camera, sport rims), And sports.

Toyota Corolla 2020 is available in the market in 4 categories:

The first price is 23,000 dollars.

The second is 24,000 dollars.

The third category is $ 27,900.

The fourth is $ 30,000.

The first 3 categories of Toyota Corolla 2020 accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 12 seconds.

The average fuel consumption of the three classes is 6.8 liters / 100 km. The fuel tank capacity is estimated at 50 liters.

The higher category of the car reaches this speed within 11 seconds.

Its average fuel consumption is 5.5 liters / 100 km, while the fuel tank capacity is 55 liters.

The top speeds for the first 3 categories of Toyota Corolla reach 189 km / h, and the top class reaches 190 km.

The vehicle is equipped with driver and front passenger airbags, ABS brake system and EBD electronic brake distribution.

Anti-theft systems are the most prominent safety systems

Toyota Corolla has an anti-theft system, and the third category is equipped with an anti-theft alarm system.

The top class of the new generation Toyota Corolla is equipped with electric chairs, while the second category is equipped with the ESP electronic balance program.

The 2020 Corolla is fitted with sporty rims except for the first class, as well as electric side mirrors, with signals.

These mirrors can be folded electrically in the third and fourth categories.

The car comes with rear fog lanterns, and the third and fourth categories are equipped with front fog lanterns.

The headlights can be controlled for all Toyota Corolla 2020 classes.

LED headlights are also available in all categories, as well as the third and fourth categories.

These two classes are also equipped with an intelligent car parking system.

The car has an audio system and a CD player. The car is also equipped with AUX and USB input except for the first class.

The third and fourth categories were equipped with Bluetooth, and all classes were equipped with front and rear head restraints and front electric glass.

Electric rear glass is available in all categories except the first category, and the vehicle glass can be controlled with one touch.

The new-generation Toyota Corolla provides remote control for closing and opening doors and the driver's seat height.

The fourth category of the car is equipped with leather brushes, a system to start and stop the engine, an electric sunroof and a rear camera.

Added to the above is a cruise control, a leather transmission, a cup holder and a backlight.

All classes are equipped with a computer controlled steering wheel trip computer and storage places with front and rear doors.

The back of the rear seats can be folded by car, and it also has a central door lock and an alert sound if the vehicle is not locked.

The second and fourth categories are equipped with a leather steering wheel.

The Corolla has a front cup holder, a front armrest, an electrical outlet and a rear seat belt.


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