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Antiquities remove the encroachment on the arches of Muhammad Ali .. Know the details

The Ministry of Antiquities was able to remove a cross by a street vendor on one of the stones of Muhammad Ali's archery known as Al-Qanater al-Khairiya (Qantara, Farida Damietta).

Dr. Mustafa Waziri, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, said that the seller dealt violently with one of the stones of the Damietta branch bridge and caused the fall of a stone block composed of balcony No. 15 in one of the balconies of the building.

This violation was discovered by the security representative of al-Qanater al-Khairiya during his inspection of the area, where he noticed the incident and informed the competent authority. Immediately, the archaeological area released a report in the Qanater police department against the attacker.

For his part, Dr. Jamal Mustafa, head of the Islamic, Coptic and Jewish archeology sector, said that the ministry has taken all necessary measures to remove the damage from the impact and return it to its origin. The production unit assigned the Supreme Council of Antiquities to restore the stone mass to its place after the necessary restoration work.