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Call of Duty, Call of Duty Mobile is one of the best and most popular games that fans of stereoscopic action games are looking for, because it is one of the games that features excitement, challenge and suspense, which made the game developers speed up the launch of a mobile version, so that it is easy Download them on smartphones and enjoyed by the largest number of fans of action games around the world, so we will get to know them in our topic today on specifications, requirements, features and secrets of the call of duty mobile game and the way to download the game on both Android and IOS phones.

Best Android 2020 games. It is the latest game on this list. But recently, Call of Duty has become very popular with this high rating. The game features online normal PPS mode with FPS with 100 royal battle players. This puts it in a rare category where it is fighting a royal battle like PUBG Mobile, but also a regular FPS PvP like Critical Ops or Modern Combat.

Call of duty features

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the games that had the most advantages when launched! So let's list the most important of these features

Create roms (custom rooms)

The game enables you, free of charge, to create dedicated rooms to play with your friends only without strangers.

Fair Play

Activision completely protects the game from cheat players! They try to use unlawful methods to beat others, providing you with a completely fair match.

Variety of models and styles of play

The game contains 2 mods (Battle Royale and team play). The multiplayer game mode contains many modes including (front, control and game of weapons, .. One of the advantages of the game is that it continuously adds patterns and modes of play.

There are no bots in the Battle Royal mode

In Call of Duty Mobile you will play a game with 99 real players, there are no bots in the game, and more than 100 fighters will participate in every game battle to survive, and players will be able to fight on land, sea and air using vehicles, helicopter and tactical cruiser.

How to download Call of Duty Mobile game on smartphones

You can download it easily from the Google Play Store and App Store after Activision, in cooperation with Tencent, announced the implementation of an innovative work that will surprise fans of electronic games. The game was launched in the beginning of October in countries that support downloading applications through the iPhone and Android system stores, and it is free and available On Android and iOS devices, the game is available in more than one language, including Arabic.

Secrets of Call of Duty Mobile game

1- Choose the correct shooting style

The game provides you with two shooting modes which are the simple mode (when your target indicator is on the enemy your weapon your weapon will fire automatically) and the second mode (your weapon will shoot when you press the launch button)

2- Choose your best character

When we start a match in Mud Royal Battle, you will need to choose the character of the player, as there are 6 characters in the game that are the paramedic, scout, clown, ninja, defender, mechanic.

3- Use the drone available for you in group mode

When you kill more than one enemy in succession without killing, you will get 3 aids, including the drone (you can launch it and he will chase your enemy to kill him) and the missile, where you control the screen and direct the missile towards your enemies.