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Download Dragon Ball Legends Game For Android

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS is a free action game for Android phones and tablets of the kind of anime games, the game of course and as fans of anime series and movies are based on the famous and wonderful anime series Dragon Ball. The game gives the user an exciting game experience in a 3D environment with all the characters of the Dragon Ball series.

Prepare to experience an exciting game and epic battles with the famous Dragon Ball series heroes against many opponents in real-time player-to-player multiplayer battles, control one of your favorite heroes and guide the character through many different play environments to determine who is the true hero who he deserves winning.

In every battle, you can use different combinations of multiple fighting moves and ninja fighting styles in an attempt to conquer your opponent who can be a real player or a player controlled by the game's artificial intelligence. Enjoy 3D graphics and meticulously crafted graphic characters by creative anime artist Akira Toriyama.

In addition to the real-time 1-to-1 battles, you can also enjoy Dragon Ball Legends Mod in story mode taken from the actual storyline of the series, enjoy a new adventure experience with Goku and all your favorite anime characters.

Little change in gameplay

However, like the class itself, Dragon Ball Legends allows players to engage in very fierce fights. You will have to play against other opponents around the world with an internet connection, which will bring you a challenge that is not easy at all. Remember that you need to properly arrange your team to be able to win the game.

Basically, players will use up to 3 characters per game. The special features in the game are the characters shown in cards form, which is a new change compared to the previous version. Players need to use onscreen cards to help characters perform skills and activate attacks, often causing opponents to lose blood quickly. In addition, players can combine cards together to unlock beautiful combo chains to improve the power they bring.

Unlock new characters

Dragon Ball Legends brings all the characters into a comic book so you can easily meet the characters familiar with your childhood instantly. In addition, players need to complete specific missions in order to have the characters they want in this game. Note, you cannot use the money to buy in-game characters or exchange with other players. Try to complete many of the included challenges and wait for the lucky item to earn the right rewards in the game.

Some highlights of Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends includes a number of important features such as Story EXP, EXP Training, rest stop, equipment, Soul Boost, and more. It takes players to try the game over a long period of time to get the information they need about these features.

Most characters in DRAGON BALL have great power in Dragon Ball Legends. If you are lucky enough to own Goku or Vegeta, you'll gain a huge advantage in every battle. However, having a strong character in the game is relatively difficult. You have to be steady in order to create the team you want in this game, and remember the rare items and the rating plays a very important role. You must balance these two factors to be able to have "undefeated" in this game.

dragon ball legends game for android

In addition, the characters in the game contain one of two elements Ranged Type or Defense Type. Each element will achieve different effects on the character, if the defense type focuses on exploiting the direction of absorbing damage, then the Ranged Type will make the character stronger in normal attacks. Depending on the strategy, you can choose enough good characters to take advantage of.

High-quality 3D graphics in Dragon Ball Legends

In addition to these unique features, Dragon Ball Legends also has very beautiful graphics thanks to the 3D graphics format and is equipped with promises to bring players to a fierce battle but not the least sharp parts. Especially since the in-game combo was filmed with great success and very similar to the original comedy that will definitely make you feel very excited when trying. The shifts in the game are relatively smooth, which makes the character's actions more flexible and stable. Overall, the quality of Dragon Ball Legends is surprisingly not disappointed.


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