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Power director application, if you are a fan of creating video clips, and you like to take the roles of the photographer and director of your own videos, it is available to you through Power Director, as this application is a guide to the work of any video in an integrated manner from the beginning to the end of the audio clips, video clips and pictures, only You need time to combine them and use different visual and sound effects.

The application recognizes all video formats that are filmed with mobile phones, tablets, or Go Pro cameras, and all professional and digital cameras, and the application deals with the HD format as smooth as possible.

The free version of the application provides many features, including making video effects, converting formats, rotating video, video division, video merging and the ability to merge an audio clip on a video or as it is called voice over video.

Power director:

It is a tool used to combine audio clips, pictures and video clips to make it an integrated video by adding the things that it needs from all effects and suitable for Android devices, if your mobile device was from the Android version, whatever the date of its issuance, it is available to you and everything for free, to pay money and no financial loss when using Power director A ready-made hacker for free apk that our program works on all video formats that you shoot from digital, professional or other types of cameras.

Power director features for Android:

Our application is completely free.

Supports all Android devices in all versions.

It supports Arabic and all other languages ​​of the world.

Its size is small and does not harm the memory of your mobile device, as it is 55 MB.

You can create the video at any speed you want, even slow, even if your device does not support slow videos.

Various professional tools are used to create and edit videos and add effects to the videos you create.

Add your personal voice to the videos you are editing.

You can rotate and merge the videos and flip them if you want all of that or split the videos as well.

You can cut the video or shoot half the screen and cancel the other half.

You choose the desired video quality between 1080 P-360, depending on the base of the material you photographed.

You can download the videos that you produce on social networks, Facebook or otherwise.

Power director app

Since our application for this day is free, this encourages many users to try it, and to get acquainted with their capabilities by making a video with the help of Power director in various formats so I found millions of users have downloaded it not to test their abilities and they were of various ages old and young so if you like to test your capabilities in making videos, Or those who like to produce videos and share them directly on social media pages.