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How To Obtain a Travel Visa To Study in France

Study in France, some students feel very anxious when wanting to obtain a visa, especially if the goal of travel is to achieve a dream of studying abroad, because it is necessary to enter France if the student is from outside the European Union, once the decision to study is taken In France, you must prepare well in advance of it in order to obtain a visa to study in France.

The application for obtaining a travel visa must be submitted before the beginning of the school year in France until obtaining approval for a visa that lasts approximately two months. In this article, we will talk about all types of visas to travel to France, how to obtain a visa, the documents required to obtain a France visa.

How to obtain a travel visa to study in France

There are some countries and nationalities that have the right to apply to universities and institutes in France through the agency COMPUS FRANCE, which administers higher education in France and everything related to the admission of students to universities and their transfers during study.

As for the rest of the countries and nationalities that do not exist, follow a agency (COMPUS FRANCE) that applies to the university directly in order to obtain approval to study there and then obtain a visa to study in France, which is a prerequisite for obtaining a visa.

Campus France website.

 Types of visas to travel to France

There are many types of visas that vary depending on how long you stay in France.

1- (Short academic residency (Schigen visa)

If the study period is not more than 3 months, it is a visa that does not require expenses or fees, and is not renewable after the end of its period, such as: short courses.

2- A stay visa for admission tests

If you have to travel to France for the university entrance exam, you can apply for the visa and after passing the exam, you can obtain residency in France for the duration of the university study or the accepted institute.

3- The long-stay temporary school visa

This visa is for a period of 6 months, and it does not need to obtain residency; it is a valid residence permit for the duration of 6 months.

4- The long-term visa

It is a visa that allows the student to reside in France for a period of 6 months and more, after which the student applies for a visa and a level test, which depends on his admission to the university.

(After admission to the university, he applies for a residence permit to complete his studies in the accepted specialty in which he succeeded.

The papers required to obtain the visa

The admission document in a university or institute in France, containing all your personal details and the duration of your study program.

The presence of medical insurance of at least 30,000 euros for the duration of the travel.

Fluency in French.

Evidence of providing housing for the applicant, whether by staying with one of the relatives, renting a house, or university housing.

Certificate of good conduct and behavior (Fish.

A medical examination certificate proving that there are no diseases.

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