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Ancient Civilizations In the process of evolution accompanying time and certain stages of human history, the idea of ​​living in groups based on understanding and exchange of transactions arose. And from these small groups formed societies that in turn developed into what are known as civilizations.

How the human mind evolved to effect such a massive and complex change was and remains a topic of widespread popularity among historians, anthropologists or anthropologists.

10- The Incas Civilization

The Inca was the largest empire to emerge in North America in the pre-Colombian era (before the European advance of the Americas).

This civilization flourished extensively from its beginnings, as it included large areas including: Ecuador, Peru and Chile today, and its administrative, military and political center was in "Cusco" which is located in Peru.

The king of the Incas was called “Saba Inca”, which means son of the sun, in relation to their gods who followed them, known as “Inti”, the sun god.

"Pachacuti", the first emperor in the Inca civilization, who transformed it from a humble village to a great city in the shape of a leopard.

9- The Aztecs Civilization

Like the Inca civilization, the Aztec civilization arose in the same historical period, as they were the two most powerful countries in South America and were, of course, warring.

In the period between 1200 AD and early 1300 CE, there were three competing cities, “Tenochtitlan”, “Texcoco” and “Tlacopan” which constitute Mexico today. Around the year 1325 AD, these competing cities created an alliance among themselves, which led to the emergence of a new country under the rule of the Valley of Mexico.

At that time, people preferred the name "Mexico" over the name "Aztec". It is worth noting that the Aztec state flourished within a century after the fall of another influential civilization in Mexico and Central America, namely the Mayan civilization.

8- The Roman Civilization

Greek civilization appeared in the sixteenth century BC, although the story of its founding is no more than a legend. At the height of its power, the Greek state ruled a very wide swath of land at the time, stretching along the Mediterranean. Rome was ruled by the kings at the beginning, and after the succession of seven kings over them the Romans overthrew the monarchy and ruled themselves. Where the authority took over what is known as the Senate, which passed laws, and here was the beginning of the Roman Republic, and as it is known, Rome witnessed the rise and fall of some of the greatest emperors throughout history, including "Julius Caesar" and "Trajan" and "Augustus". In the end, the Roman Empire became so vast that it could not be brought together under one command and eventually it was conquered by millions of Berbers from northern and eastern Europe.

7- The Persian civilization

One day, the Persian state was one of the greatest countries on earth. For only two hundred years, the Persians conquered more than two million square meters of land from southern parts of Egypt to parts of Greece, then east to parts of India.

It is reported that the Persian Empire was known for its strength. And before you even think about how she built a vast empire like this for a period of no more than two hundred years only to you this, in the year 550 BC it was customary to divide “Persian” or “Persis” as it was called at that time among a number of leaders, then the king came "Cyrus II", which united the entire Persian kingdom and conquered ancient Babylon. And it began a very rapid and massive creep as only by 533 B.C. had invaded India. Even after Cyrus' death, his dynasty continued to expand without mercy.

6- Ancient Greek Civilization

Perhaps not from the oldest civilizations, but it is undoubtedly one of the most influential civilizations in human history, although Greece came from the Caledonian and Minoan civilizations (two civilizations that originated in the Bronze Age) (2700 BC - 1500 BC), but evidence has been found Buried in a cave in Greece dating back to 7250 BC on its existence at that time, Greek history extends for a very long time which forced historians to divide it into several periods, the most important of which are the ancient and classical and Hellenistic periods.

5- Chinese Civilization

It was also known as "Chinese Han" and is ranked fifth, and is undoubtedly one of the most diverse civilizations ever. And if we wanted to talk about all the dynasties that ruled China, this paragraph would not be enough because we would need a separate article to talk about.

The Yellow River civilization is alleged to be the original home of Chinese civilization, in 2700 BC the legendary Yellow Emperor began his reign, and at some point after which the dynasties began to rule and thus continued for some time.


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